Saturday, April 20, 2019

Famous Last Words: All done!



So, it's the end of Week 13... and I am all done with the class for this semester. I am really happy with how my Hanuman Storybook turned out, and I am already excited about doing a Brer Rabbit Storybook for Myth-Folklore next fall.

Finishing up the final project assignments gave me the last points I needed, and since I'm using a spreadsheet to keep track of my points, that let me do a pie chart to show the distribution of the points by assignment types; I did that last semester too (Fall pie chart), and it turned out to be about the same, even though this semester felt really different because of the Hanuman focus for the whole semester.

I like the way that the class kind of divides up into four equal parts: one part project (the most important part, at least for me), one part reading-storytelling (blog posts), one part commenting (for me, that's mostly in the first weeks of the semester), and then one part of miscellaneous other stuff.

Just for fun, I also did a chart of the week by week, and as expected, there was more going on in the start of the semester, with it dropping off as the weeks went by, which is exactly the idea of course!

I know everybody is tired by the end of the semester, so I'm sharing this fun cartoon that I saw at the OU Linguistics Club Twitter last semester, and the same is true this semester too, ha ha.