Sunday, March 10, 2019

Week 8: Famous Last Words

I really enjoyed this weekend, so much so that I did not even mind giving up an hour for daylight savings time... plus, it's lighter in the evening now so that makes me happy too! Last week is the hardest week of the semester for me in terms of getting through the stack, and as a reward for working seriously hard last week I just had fun this weekend... which meant fun with Suvannamaccha (new Storybook story) and fun with Arjuna too (a Hanuman-plus-Mahabharata story here at the blog).

And the really exciting part was getting back to work on the Freebookapalooza! I hadn't been able to work on that since the semester started, but it was easy to get back into the flow. I'm behind on my quota, but that's okay: I'm still on track to get 2019 books at the blog in honor of the year 2019. I'm working on Native American books right now since the Native American weeks are coming up soon in Myth-Folklore and I wanted some nice new books to feature in the announcements. Here are some really cool ones:

Tales of the Tepee by Edward Everett Dale. Yes, that's the professor that Dale Hall was named after!

Ojibwa Myths and Legends by Sister Bernard Coleman, Ellen Frogner and Estelle Eich. I really want to give myself a better knowledge of Nanabozho and other Ojibwa legends for my summer-of-tricksters project. Here's one of the illustrations:

Coyote Stories by Mourning Dove, Humishuma. Someday I'd like to make a big book of coyote legends from all over the Americas! This is a picture of her (Wikipedia; more here):

And lots more too; it was so great to finally have time to browse through the books I had bookmarked over the winter break and start adding them to the blog. Plus, I got this really cool idea for a Kindle book to create: a big book of stories, 1001 stories in fact, from 1001 books, where I would pick just one super-cool story from each of 1001 books. Scheherazade of the Public Domain! I've never made a Kindle book before, and this sounds like a great project to learn how that works, creating a book that would be burdensome printed out on paper, but which would be fine in the weightless world of digital pages.

And hey, summer is coming, right? Just 7 more weeks of school, and then it is all-weekend-all-the-time during the summer. I'm having a blast with my project and being a student in Indian Epics this semester, but I am also really excited to get back to Brer Rabbit and the Freebookapalooza and all my other projects that have been patiently waiting for summer to come. :-)