Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Note for Feedburner email subscribers

Hi everybody, I'm still having some trouble trying to convince Feedburner to ignore edited posts, so that only truly new posts show up in the daily email. Thanks for your patience with that! I poked around in some of the technical documentation at Blogger to find a solution that will work but it looks like for this particular blog the standard solution is not going to work.

So, that means that when old posts are updated, you will get them again in the email, something which could be good or bad, depending on how much/little you are reading at this blog, and whether the updates made to the posts were major or minor.

And remember: if you go to the blog itself, you will not see the old updated blog posts on the main page; you will only see the blog posts for that day. So if you just want to see only the latest posts, you can use the email as a reminder to visit the blog and check out what's new. The ReligiousReading.com blog homepage will display only the current day's posts, with the other recent posts listed in the right-hand column.

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