Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Widget: Greek Gods and Goddesses

I have a new content widget which I have prepared: Greek Gods and Goddesses.

This is something I have done primarily for my Myth-Folklore course at the University of Oklahoma, and I was not sure whether to include it here at the ReligiousReading.com blog.

Greek mythology is rarely taught with a focus on "religion" in this country (which is an interesting and hardly innocent choice), and it cannot qualify in any sense as a world religion today.

Yet I decided to include a post about it here for one important reason: in order to understand the early history of Christianity, it is essential to have at least some knowledge of ancient Mediterranean religion - including the gods and goddesses of the ancient Greek world.

So, in the spirit of teaching people the basics of ancient Greek religion by an examination of the gods and goddesses of that religion, here is my Greek Gods and Goddesses widget, which is available for you to use in two forms: Greek God of the Week, or a Random Greek God. There are 53 items in the script, covering all the major gods and goddesses of the ancient Greek tradition. You can add the widget to your blog or your website - it's easy!

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