Thursday, May 3, 2007

Widget: Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Using the genius Rotating Content Tool built by Randy Hoyt, I created two scripts today that allow me to display a Hindu God of the Week (53 gods and goddesses spread out over the year) or a Random Hindu God, complete with brief description, an image, and a link to the relevant Wikipedia article.

You can see them in action in the sidebar of this blog.

The great thing about these javascripts is you can put them anywhere! If you'd like to put the script on your webpage or your blog template or in your course management system, please feel free to do that - share and enjoy! Although it's very primitive right now, here's the website I put up very quickly today where I will be compiling these widget scripts:

Below you can see what the scripts look like as widgets in my Desire2Learn Indian Epics course. If there are any Blackboard users out there, let me know if it has a feature like the "widgets" in Desire2Learn that let you add dynamic javascripts to liven up the course website page. These widgets are so easy to make in Desire2Learn; you just cut-and-paste the javascript into the HTML box and you're good to go!

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