Monday, May 28, 2007

Widget: Joseph and His Brothers

For several years now, I've been part of a Greek reading group in Norman, Oklahoma. Now that I'm about to move to North Carolina, our physical get-togethers will sadly come to a stop but we are using the delightful PBWiki to carry on our group in virtual space. (If you have not used PBWiki, it is definitely worth looking at - such a flexible tool for easy online collaboration!).

The reading we are about to embark on over the summer is the Septuagint version of the story of Joseph and His Brothers. In order to illustrate our wiki, I prepared another widget - this time it is a collection of Images of Joseph and His Brothers. Each item contains an image with a brief description and a link to a larger view of the image along with additional information.

In medieval art, the typological connections between Joseph and Jesus were strongly emphasized, while in Renaissance and more modern art, there is an emphasis on the moments of high drama, such as Joseph and Potiphar's wife, or the scene of Joseph reunited with his brothers.

I hope to post some information here at this blog which I learn from our adventures reading through the Septuagint this summer.

Meanwhile, here is the script in action (if you're reading this via email or RSS you'll need to visit the blog to see the images displayed by the script):

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