Saturday, May 19, 2007

Widgets: Bible Stories

I've created another widget - this time it is a collection of Bible stories which can be displayed either as a "Bible Story of the Week" or a "Random Bible Story."

Each item contains a brief summary of the story along with a link to the Wikipedia article where you can learn more about the story. There is also an image, with a link to a larger view of the image and additional information.

I'm hoping this would be useful in helping people become familiar with the stories of the Bible. It sure was hard choosing just one story for each week! I tried to focus on stories that would be included as components of Bible "narrative literacy." (For more about religious literacy, see my notes about Prothero's book.)

You can find this widget and related widgets at the website. I hope that for anyone with a course website devoted to Bible-based courses could find the information and links useful in covering the basic Bible stories.

You can see the widget in action in the right-hand column of this blog! And here is the random version of the script:

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