Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blogger Templates Tech Tip

I like very plain and simple blog designs, and I generally prefer a white background or, if there is a background image, something that is transparent and very un-attention-getting, The blog design I have used for this blog is called "Awesome Inc" but, as you can see, I have really toned it down because I just removed the background image totally, so there is no background image for this blog at all! Of course, I could change my mind about that... but just speaking for myself, I like plain and simple blogs!

One of the blogs I have had the longest is my Bestiaria Latina blog. I use the Picture Window template with a transparent background of falling leaves (you barely notice it really), and a blue color scheme. Since I have lots of Latin-related widgets, I actually have two columns in the sidebar instead of just one. I really don't do a lot with blog design; I just focus on creating lots of posts! That's what I love about blogging: you can create content so quickly and easily... and then later, if you feel like it, you can tinker with the design and presentation options based on what works best with your actual content.

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