Sunday, March 16, 2014

About This Blog

This is an old blog of mine (you will find a lot of blog posts in here from back around 2007 when I was thinking of developing a course on the Bible-as-literature), and I decided to revive it for another project, using it for the reading diary posts and other writing for my Myth-Folklore course.

Reading Diary: I've always urged students to take notes on the stories as they read them; some students follow that advice, but other students don't, which means they don't have a good way to review the stories they have read, keeping track of them for later purposes. So, during the process of rebuilding my course website with new content (debuting I hope in Fall 2015), I'll be keeping a reading diary for each of the content units that I add, both for my own uses and also to inspire my students to keep a reading diary of their own. :-)

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