Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tech Tip: Google Translate

The translation is pretty bad, ha ha. The moral works pretty well - Alas, the fault is all mine, because I gave the sheep to a wolf? - but the story is very confusing.  I'm not sure how far I would be able to trust this one. Sometimes Italian to English can work pretty well, but this one is marginal.

Here is the translation:

The wolf and the shepherd 
A wolf was behind a flock of sheep, without them no harm. The pastor from the beginning it looked to him as an enemy and watching him full of suspicion. But as he continued to follow them and did not even attempt a robbery, ended by a guardian who consider it more an enemy in ambush, and when he needed to go to the city, starting, sheep entrusted to him. The wolf thought that it was a good time, and, bearing down upon the flock, they Sbrano the most part. When, on his return, the pastor saw the flock destroyed, he exclaimed: "Alas, the fault is all mine, because I gave the sheep to a wolf?". So even among men is natural that those who entrusts a deposit to a greedy person did not get back earlier.

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