Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tech Tip: Firefox RSS

I have three browser on my computer. I use Chrome the most, but I also have Firefox and Safari installed. I hardly ever use Safari (but every once in a while I use it to test how a page looks). I use Firefox pretty often but for very specific reasons: I use a Firefox FTP plug-in which is better than any other browser-based FTP program I have found; I use Firefox to quickly inspect an RSS feed (as described in the tip), and I also use Firefox for the class Twitter account, as opposed to my own regular Twitter account that I log into with Chrome. Being able to use two different browsers keeps me from getting confused about my two Twitter accounts... well, most of the time!

I like BOTH Chrome and Firefox a lot. :-)

Here's an article from Lifehacker about them both:
Chrome vs. Firefox: Your Best Arguments

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