Monday, January 6, 2014

MythFolklore Topics Brainstorm

Topic: Spider Stories from the around the world.
Comments: I am really fascinated by spiders and I am sure that there are many different kinds of legends about spiders all over the world because spiders are beautiful, dangerous, weird creatures, and they exist all over.
Possible Stories: I know there are some famous spider stories about "Anansi" from Africa. I'm not sure what other kinds of stories I will find. There were so many different spider stories at Sacred Texts Archive! I can easily find four different stories there. Plus I searched the Un-Textbook for spiders and found lots of stories.
Sample Story Comments: When I searched Sacred Texts Archive for spiders, I found this cool story about how God rewarded spiders by giving them the power to spin webs.
Bibliography Information:
Sample Story: The Spider and the Hornet.
Book Title: The Hero of Esthonia
Book Author: W.F. Kirby
Year: 1895

Topic: Sea Monsters
: I loved the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea when I was little, so I would like to learn about sea monsters from around the world. I know there must be all kinds of different sea monsters since the sea is such a dangerous place and so mysterious.
Possible Stories: I could include the giant squid, and I would also like to include the Loch Ness Monster, plus Scylla and Charybdis from the Odyssey. I am not sure what the fourth story would be.
Sample Story Comments: I learned from the List of Cryptids at Wikipedia that "Kraken" is a word used to refer to the giant squid or octopus that would supposedly eat ships. This Wikipedia article about the Kraken contains material for various stories, and the images are really dramatic!
Bibliography Information:
Sample Story: Kraken
Website Name: Wikipedia

Topic: Algonquin Legends about Glooskap
: I am interested in Native American stories but I do not know anything about Algonquin stories. I would like to learn more.
Possible Stories: I found many Glooskap stories in one of the books at Sacred Texts Archive! I looked Glooskap up at Wikipedia, and learned that he is a culture hero of the Abenaki Indians who has great wisdom and amazing powers.
Sample Story Comments: I learned about Glooskap's birth from this story. Glooskap has a twin brother, Malsumsis the wolf, but Malsumsis is evil. He kills their mother and tries to kill Glooskap. I really think this is the project I want to do - I loved this story.
Bibliography Information:
Sample Story: Of Glooskap's Birth, and of his Brother Malsum the Wolf
Book Title: The Algonquin Legends of New England
Book Author: Charles G. Leland
Year: 1884

Topic: Saints and Animals
Topic Comments: I saw this unit in the Un-Textbook and got excited about that; I think this is a unit I really want to read. There are not a lot of good animal legends in the Bible, so I would like to learn about animal legends in the Christian tradition associated with lives of the saints. I think animal stories are important and, because they are missing from the Bible, it's like the Christian tradition had to add them in through the stories of the saints.
Possible Stories: I looked at the stories in the Saints and Animals unit at the Un-Textbook, and they look great.
Sample Story: I had never heard of St. Kentigern before, but this was such a cool story: St. Kentigern was able to breathe on the dead body of a little robin and bring it back to life.I read this story at the Un-Textbook.
Bibliography Information:Sample Story: Saint Kentigern and the Robin
Book Title: Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts
Book Author: Abbie Farwell Brown
Year: 1900

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