Monday, January 27, 2014

Reading Diary B: Aesop for Children

Here are my favorite stories (with links) from Aesop for Children, illustrated by Milo Winter:

The Bear and the Bees. This is a great lesson to take to heart: if you get angry at just one little bee you might end up provoking a whole swarm to attack you! OUCH!

The Cat the Cock, and the Young Mouse. I really like this story about how appearances can be deceiving: a rooster can LOOK frightening but of course a rooster is not going to do anything wicked to that little mouse... the cat, however, warm and fuzzy as it may be, is dangerous!!!

The Astrologer. I am definitely the astrologer-type, lost in my own thoughts while sometimes oblivious to what is right in front of my feet. And I really like the fun illustration for this one!

Mercury and the Woodman. What a great demonstration of how honesty is the best policy, combining a positive example (where honesty is rewarded) and a negative example (where the man who lies to the god Mercury ends up worse off than he was to begin with).

The Eagle and the Beetle. Such a great story of a little creature who is able to get the better of a big creature. Indeed, the beetle even got the god Jupiter to act on its behalf, even though the eagle is Jupiter's favorite bird. Another great illustration for this one too!

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