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Indian Epics Assignments

This semester will be similar in a lot of ways to what I did for Myth-Folklore last semester, but also different because of the reading. In Myth-Folklore, I did the regular reading with the rest of the class, and that made sense because it had been quite a few years before I put the UnTextbook together and I was also looking at the stories in a new way thanks to my chain-tale project.

With Indian Epics, I've got a different idea: I am going to read the Thai version of the Ramayana! To make that work, I will actually do Ramakien reading in Week 2 (but I'll also read the Anthology in order to write a story), so it should work out that I can finish the whole Ramakien before we start the Mahabharata in Week 6. I am so excited about this: I know bits and pieces of the Ramakien, but I have never read the whole thing!

Then when we get to the Mahabharata in Week 6, what I am doing to do is re-read Chitra's Palace of Illusions which is 8 parts: 6AB, 7AB, 8C, 9ABC. Then I'll be able to read Chitra's Forest of Enchantment as the reading for the final part of the semester. My copy of Forest of Enchantment is on the way, and hopefully by the end of the semester the Kindle might even be available!

That is going to be so cool: a semester of Ramakien AND a semester of Draupadi and Sita.

I'll have the same problem I had last semester in that I can't really do the project feedback assignments during Weeks 6-15, but with all the extra reading assignments plus other extra credit, I can make that up, no problem.

I'm so excited to be doing Hanuman stories; I'm not sure if I will find a way to work Hanuman into the Week 2 storytelling, but I'll figure out about that when I read the Anthology again and write a story for Week 2.

Reading the Ramakien is something I've always wanted to do, and I am especially inspired by all the great Flickr photos I found showing the events of the Ramakien at Wat Phananchoeng, Ayutthaya: Flickr Album by Anandajoti Bhikkhu.

15 Wat Phananchoeng

Here is what I need to read:

Week 2A: Part A
1. The giant Hiran rolls up the tapestry fo the Earth
2. Ayutaya, city of the gods is founded
3. Longka, city of the demons is built
4. Atchaban kills the demon Asura Prohm
5. Saha Maliwan leaves the Underworld
6. The downfall of Treeburam
7. The demon nontok with the diamond finger
8. The youth of Totsakan
9. Pipek, the seer, is born
10. The childless Kodom conjures a wife
11. Kodom's sons are changed to monkeys
12. The birth of Hanuman
13. The thunder god Ramasoon chases the lightning of Mekhala
14. Kakat and Sukreep set the heavenly mountain aright
15. A toad becomes a beautiful maiden
16. The battle of the snakes and the demons

Week 2 extra: Part B
17. Totsakan straightens the heavenly mountain Krailat
18. Nan Monto in the monkey kingdom
19. Totsakan is beaten by Palee
20. Totsakan is made immortal by magic
21. Totsakan steals the chariot Butsabok
22. Nontakan is transformed into a buffalo
23. A change of Kings in the Underworld
24. Totsarot of Ayutaya marries Kayakesee
25. Totsarot of Ayutaya slays Patootatan
26. Kalaikot, the seer, is distracted
27. The reincarnation of Pra Narai
28. Totsarot's son
29. Nang Sida finds a father
30. The youth of the princes of Ayutaya

Week 3A: Part C
31. Swarms of crows attack the hermits
32. The battle with the flying horses
33. King Chanok comes home with his lotus-daughter
34. The marriage of Pra Ram and nang Sida
35. TPra Ram conquers Ramasoon
36. The exile of Sukreep
37. Pra Ram leaves Ayutaya
38. The journey through the forest
39. The funeral of King Totsarot
40. The batlte with the demon Pirap
41. Pra Lak kills Kumpakat
42. Totsakan kills Chiuha Yak
43. Totsakan's brothers Khorn, Tot, and Treesian are killed
44. Samanakha goads Totsakan to reveng
45. Nang Sida is lured by a golden deer
46. Totsakan abducts Nang Sida

Week 3B: Part D
47. Pra Ram in pusuit
48. The demoness Atsamukhee tries to seduce Pra Lak
49. Pra Ram meets Hanuman
50. The death of Palee
51. Sukreep is King of the monkeys
52. The embassy to the great Chompoo
53. A reconnaissance to Longka
54. Hanuman frees two heavenly sisters
55. The heavenly bird Sampatee carries Hanuman to Longka
56. Hanuman breaks into Longka
57. Hanuman searches for Nang Sida
58. Hanuman is captured
59. Hanuman burns down Longka

Week 3 extra: Part E
60. Totsakan's nightmares
61. Sukasarn comes as a spy to the monkey camp
62. Totsakan the spy
63. Benjakai changes herself into Nang Sida
64. Hanuman and Nilapat quarrel
65. Hanuman begets a son of a mermaid
66. The first battle on the island of Longka
67. Ongkot goes to Longka as a messenger
68. Sukreep destroys the umbrella of Longka
69. Maiyarap kidnaps Pra Ram
70. Hanuman breaks into the Underworld
71. Hanuman frees Pra Ram and kills Maiyarap

Week 4A: Part F
72. Totsakan goads Koompakan to fight
73. Koompakan captures Sukreep
74. Koompakan fights with his wonder-spear
75. How Pra Lak was saved
76. Koompakan makes the monkeys thirsty
77. Koompakan is killed
78. Intorachit enters the war
79. Mangkonkan is killed
80. Intorachit fights with the serpent arrow Nakabat
81. Intorachit disguises himself as Pra Indra
82. How the dead were revived

Week 4B: Part G
83. Intorachit attempts a diversion
84. Pra Lak pursues Intorachit
85. Intorachit is killed
86. The monkeys destroy Totsakan's ten charioteer princes
87. Sahatsadecha and Mulapalam
88. Hanuman deceives Sahatsadecha
89. Saeng Ahtit, the demon of the sunbeams
90. Hanuman beheads Treemek
91. Totsakan hardens his body
92. Hanuman beheads Satasoon
93. Hanuman and Wanarin
94. Hanuman kills Wiroon Djambang

Week 4 extra: Part H
95. The gods judge Totsakan and Pra Ram
96. Totsakan tries to kill the gods
97. Hanuman saves Pra Lak
98. Tepanasoon swallows the monkey army
99. Pra Lak slays the elephant demons
100. Hanuman tricks Nang Monto
101. Hanuman defects to the enemy
102. Totsakan accepts Hanuman as an ally
103. Hanuman fights Pra Lak and is beaten

Week 5A: Part I
104. Hanuman returns to Pra Ram
105. Totsakan's farewell
106. Totasakan's last battle
107. Sida undergoes trial by fire
108. Pra Ram kills Atsakan
109. Banlaikan tries to avenge his father
110. The march home
111. The division of the kingdom
112. Maha Ban lays siege to Longka
113. Paina Suriwong learns the secret of his birth
114. Paina Suriwong conquers Longka

Week 5B: Part J
115. Asuraphad offers to find his father
116. Longka is recaptured
117. Anuchit and Nila Non threaten Maliwan
118. Suriyapop is defeated
119. Banlaiyadjak is killed
120. Nonyupak wishes to fight
121. Waitan of the palm club
122. Djakrawat plunges into a fight to the death
123. The victors return home
124. Nang Sida draws a picture of Totsakan

Week 5 extra: Part K
125. Pra Lak tries to kill Nang Sida
126. Nang Sida's sons are born
127. Nan Sida's sons shatter a Rang tree
128. The children fetter Anuchit
129. Pra Mongkut is captured
130. Pra Ram recognizes his sons
131. Pra Ram finds Nang Sida
132. Nang Sida flees into the womb of Mother Earth
133. A new fight with the demons
134. Anurat is wounded and buried in a cave
135. Pra Isuan reconciles Nang Sida with Pra Ram
136. Kontanurat captures Kaiyaket
137. Pra Lop and Pra Mongkut enter the demon war
138. Joy and gladness in the world

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