Saturday, January 19, 2019

Indian Epics: Technology

Last semester, I added a lot of new Tech Tips based on the work I was doing here at my blog for class, and I hope the same thing will happen this time. I already added the Pinterest, Padlet, and Kindle Tech Tips that are new for this semester based on things I was doing here at the blog, and I'm thinking that I might even write up a tip on how to use to create randomizers; especially if I am going to present about that at Domains, it would be good to start thinking about a super-simple way to present RotateContent... plus, if people already set up OUCreate to do Twine (as I hope at least some students will do this semester), then making the move to hosting a javascript is not such a big deal!

Anyway, I'll keep an eye out for more tech things I can do here as a student in the class that I can also write up as Tech Tips for anybody else who's interested!

Who would have thought that when Randy and I created this tool over 15 years ago that it would still be so useful???! I am really proud of that.

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