Sunday, March 3, 2019

Week 7: Famous Last Words... over halfway!

So, next week is the single busiest week of the semester because there will be a TON of new stories to read, both at Portfolios (second stories) and at the Storybooks (first story after the introduction)... but it looks like as a student in this class, I can take Week 8 pretty much totally off. There's a growth mindset cat for that, ha ha.

Plus, all the extra stuff I did over the past couple of months has added up; I made a tentative plan for finishing up the semester, and it looks like it is all going to fall into place really nicely. I had no idea when I started this semester that I would end up obsessing about the Ramayana in Thailand, but that's what happened... and I have learned so much! That is the great thing about both of the classes I teach at OU: the learning potential is infinite, and if I just have time and opportunity, I get to keep on learning new things.

My main thing this week was working on the Hanuman art images... which included the pretty amazing discovery (yes, the use of the word "amazing" there proves I am a total nerd) that I can use the Canvas-workaround for javascripts at Google Sites. That allowed me to create a page of random Hanuman art images at my Storybook: Random Hanuman Art, along with Hanuman art image randomizers in the sidebars of my blog. Now when I have free time I can keep adding images to those randomizers, both images from South Asia and also images from India.

This discovery was really good timing because I just found out last week on Friday that my proposal for the Domains conference in June was accepted... and the proposal was all about randomizing widgets that people host in their own domains! It is incredibly good luck for me that the conference is near where I live so that I can afford to go, and I am also excited to share these widgets and see what ideas people might come up with as we think about the power of random together. :-)

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