Sunday, October 18, 2020

Week 8 Famous Last Words:Sufi book published!

So today I am doing the writer's-happy-dance because I published a new book of 100-word stories: Tiny Tales from the Sufis at I was kind of worried if this would work out, publishing a book during the school year when I do not really have time to concentrate and focus like during the summer (I published four of these books over the summer)... but it worked! I just put my faith in the PROCESS I had developed this summer, so step by step I knew the content of the Sufi book was getting ready to publish: the editing, the proofreading, and then the final proofreading-and-recording for the audiobook (which I finished just yesterday), and then the actual publication part which I did today, and it went super smoothly.

It's really starting to feel like an actual series of books: the Sufi book is the new one.

The fact that the publishing went smoothly even during the school year made me more confident about doing a book of microfiction by people in the class this semester, so I'll start promoting that idea next week, and then really focus on the idea in Week 10 when there is that Microfiction Story Lab option. So, I need to make it my goal to set up a Google Form for people to start submitting their microfictions; I'll try to get that ready by Week 10. And I can start sharing more microfiction examples in the announcements too; maybe I will start doing that later this week after I get the Google Form set up/

I already got some really enthusiastic feedback at Twitter already from an ed tech person whom I respect very much. The Tiny Tales project is something I would do just to please myself (every single aspect of doing these books is a pleasure, which is not something I can say of other writing projects I have done in the past)... but of course it feels even better if the books can be useful to others.

And I am sooooooo psyched to start writing Mahabharata stories for NaNoWriMo. I have no idea how I will find the time, but that's always the case with NaNoWriMo: it seems impossible until you do it and realize that, hey, it really is possible. And it will be a GREAT distraction in November because I do not want to stress myself reading election results. Instead, I will WRITE. :-)

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Week 8 Progress

Looking back, I am really happy with my decision to do both classes. Previously, I used to do one class, alternating each time. That worked well, but of course I was always getting ideas I wanted to try for the OTHER class. This way, I got to write stories relating to both classes, and I think that engagement helped me do a better job participating in the class as a teacher too, since I've been thinking hard BOTH about Myth-Folklore stuff AND about Indian Epics stuff all semester long.

Looking forward, I've got both Storybook projects half-way done with two story pages at each project, so I just need to focus on bringing them to completion, and writing these posts today helped me plan that out.

I'm also excited about doing the anthology. I don't know how many students will be interested in that, and I'm a little worried about managing the graphics since that is something new for me at Pressbooks, but now I can get started on preparing for that, and hopefully I can do a good job of making that happen. There are some Pressbooks tips here, and I think the take-away is that doing the images for print is way more trouble than it's worth... but it looks like there could be an Appendix of images like the ones that Eden has been doing, with the text-as-graphic. If I do it as an Appendix, that can be a separate "item" in the Pressbook, which would make it easy to leave out of the Print-for-PDF export.

Okay, so now I am feeling confident even about that problem. Confident cat is ready for the second half of the semester to begin!

Confident Cat says:
I can do this.
(made with Cheezburger)

Week 8 Comments and Feedback

This post is a little harder to write since I don't do the regular comments and feedback like the students do since all that feedback on the projects I do every week is more my teacher role than anything like the student role. And as for comments on the blogs, that all happened back in Weeks 1-4 when I was commenting on all the Introduction posts and all the Favorite Places posts (which went really well this semester! I actually stayed on track and finished that earlier than I did last semester).

So, for this post I thought I would think about this idea of doing a class anthology of microfiction. If that's going to happen, starting to publicize that and get to work starting in Week 9 makes sense, after we're reached the halfway point and are not on the way towards the end of the semester.

Week 9: I should set up a page describing the idea, along with a form for people to submit the microfiction they want to use. The graphics are the most complicated part, so I need to think about that, and also additional information to solicit on the form... I can at least draft that in Week 9 even if I don't release it until Week 12.

Week 10: I will try really hard to promote the microfiction writing option in Week 10, and then revising in Week 12. Keep working on Google Form.

Week 11: Promote the microfiction extra credit. Finalize Google Form.

Week 12: Promote revising for the Story Lab. This would be a good time to actually start soliciting submissions.

Week 13: Hopefully by this time I will have a draft of the book going in the form of a Google document for people to look at and comment on. I could make commenting on the microfictions an option every week for the blog comments too!

Week 14: Promote writing the microfiction for Story Lab, and remind people about upcomign deadline for submissions.

Week 15: Promote revising again; it's not too late to turn in a microfiction for the book; I can make submissions deadline same as end of the semester.

I'm thinking we could do a Fall-themed cover, and then if I do another anthology in Spring, it can be a combo of both classes with a different cover!