Friday, January 18, 2019

Week 8 Extra Reading: Ramakien, Part H

95. The gods judge Totsakan and Pra Ram. Totsakan invites Taow Maleewarat to pronounce judgment in the death of Wiroon Djambang; he expects the family connection will guarantee a ruling in his favor. But Maleewarat was friends with Ram's grandfather Atchaban, so he is torn. Totsakan presents his case, claiming that he found Sida abandoned in the forest and rescued her. He accuses Ram of being a killer and a criminal. Ram told about the deceit of the golden stag, and how Sadayu had seen Totsakan kidnap Sida. He also explains the Totsakan rejected Ongkot's mission of peace. Totsakan denies having told Mareet to lure Rama away, while accusing Ongkot of violence. Rama invokes his marriage to Sida, and Sida testifies, giving her whole life story. All the gods in attendance shouted: "Sida's truthful story gives Pra Ram the judgement. Totsakan's story is a lie!" Maleewarat orders Totsakan to return Sida to Rama, but he refuses and Maleewarat curses him.

96. Totsakan tries to kill the gods. He is going to burn the images of the gods for three days while chanting a death chant, transferring the power of the gods into hsi diamond spear Kabilapat. Pra Isuan sent Palee (now a god) to disrupt the ceremony. Palee makes the fire go out and throws the images into the river Seetandorn. Totsakan blames Pipek and vows to kill him. A battle breaks out. Lak protects Pipek and the Kabilapat spear strikes him. Totsakan, sole survivor of his army, flees back to Longka.

97. Hanuman saves Pra Lak. Pipek says they need herbs Treechawa and Sangkoranee to heal Lak, and they must be ground with a pestle which Totsakan keeps beneath his pillow. Hanuman flew to Sancheepa-Sanyee to fet the herbs, plus the dung of Usuparat. Then he went to Longka, and saw Totsakan sleeping with Monto. He wanted to kill them, but instead he put them into deeper sleep and tied their hair together, cursing the knot to untie only when Monto strikes Ravana three times on the had and writing the curse on Totsakan's head. He took the pestle and thus saved Lak. They are about to cut off Monto's hair, but Koboot the sage sees the curse and makes Monto hit Ravana.

98. Tepanasoon swallows the monkey army. Totsakan thinks about his half-brother Tepanasoon. He brings his army but the monkeys slaughter them. Tepanasoon makes himself gigantic and swallows the monkey army. Pipek says Sukreep must cut off Tepanasoon's hands, which he did with his sword Tree Surakan, rescuing the army. Monto decides to prepare a life-elixit as she saw Uma do with the Sancheep ceremony, generating magic breast-milk.

99. Pra Lak slays the elephant demons. Totsakan's elephant-sons Totsakireewan and Totsakireetorn return as Monto is about to complete the ceremony. Totsakan is confident of victory now. In a great battle, Lak slays them both before Monto finishes the elixir, but Totsakan restores all his fallen soldiers with the milk when it arrives, including Koompakan, Satasoon, Wiroon Djambang, Sataloon, Treemek, Mulapalam, Sahatsadecha, Intorachit, Saeng Ahtit, Kampan. Tosakirewan and Totsakireetorn, Itikai and Mahakai, and Tepanasoon. Ram attacks, and they all fall down dead again. Totsakan raises them back up. Pipek says they must break Monto's ceremony by arousing her lust.

100. Hanuman tricks Nang Monto. Hanuman changes himself into Totsakan, Nila Non into the king's elephant and Chompoopan into his driver. Hanuman pretends to enter Longka in triumph. Monto breaks off her meditation and goes to bed with Hanuman. Ram then attacks again, and when Totsakan calls for the milk, none arrives. A furious Totsakan confronts Monto. She faints and he is ready to kill her but then realizes the monkeys tricked her.

101. Hanuman defects to the enemy. Totsakan rides out to battle again the next day. Rama cuts off all his arms, but they grow back. Totsakan fires serpent arrows, but Krut comes and eats the serpents. Ram uses the Prohmat to cut Totsakan in half, but the parts came back together. Pipek explains that Totsakan cannot be killed because his heart is in a crystal container kept by Koboot. Hanuman decides to trick Koboot. Hanuman and Ongkot pretend to defect, and they ask Koboot for help. Koboot believes him. Hanuman tricks Koboot into revealing that the heart vessel is buried in the ground; Hanuman says this is not safe enough and urges Koboot to dig it up and take it with them to Longka.

102. Totsakan accepts Hanuman as an ally. So that the heart will not fly into Totsakan's body, Koboot gives the container to Ongkot while he takes Hanuman into the city. Hanuman sneakily replaces the real jar with a fake one. Totsakan accepts Hanuman, to Monto's dismay, and honors him as his own son. Hanuman then volunteers to go kill Ram, Lak, and Pipek.

103. Hanuman fights Pra Lak and is beaten. Only Ram knows that Hanuman is faking; Pipek fears the battle to come. Lak is enraged. Hanuman makes his blows barely miss; Totsakan's soldiers thinks the blows are good. They call it a draw for the day. Totsakan is thrilled and gives him everything that was Intorachit's including Suwanna Kanyuma and the concubines; Hanuman makes love to Suwanna.

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