Friday, January 18, 2019

Week 10 Extra Reading: Ramakien, Part J

115. Asuraphad offers to find his father. Djakrawat drives Asuraphad away, so he wants to go find Hanuman to kill Djakrawat. Benjakai describes hanuman and Ashuraphad goes away. He meets Titsapai and gets directions. He finds Hanuman meditating in human form, and Hanuman is delighted to meet him. Asuraphad refuses to believe him. Hanuman then appears as a monkey and Asuraphad recognizes him. They go to Sukreep, and then to Rama, and they all prepare to march on Longka. All of Rama's allies gather for the campaign.

116. Longka is recaptured. Nilapat begs forgiveness for the past and Rama appoints him commander this time. Sukreep narrates all their past adventures along the way. There is no longer a bridge, but Nilapat stretched himself out to make the bridge. Chompoopan goes as a messenger to Totsapin (Paina?), and Totsapin was fightened, but speaks defiantly. Chompoopan rebukes him and stomps on him. Monto urges her son to release Pipek. Suwanna tells the sons of Intorachit tells them to go Hanuman in remembrance of their love, and Hanuman brings them to Prot and Satrud, vouching for them. Asuraphad confronts Paina Totsapin on the battlefield, and Totsapin sends to Djakrawat for help, but Asuraphad captures Totsapin and brings him to Sukreep, who imprisons him. Then Asuraphad and the sons of Intorachit free Pipek. Pipek admits he was foolish to have accepted Totsapin as his son, failing to foresee the truth. Totsapin blames Woraneesoon, and he admits Monto tried to stop the rebellion. Sukreep cut off the heads of both Totsapin and Woraneesoon.

117. Anuchit and Nila Non threaten Maliwan. Now they attack Djakrawat in Maliwan. Djakrawat had an ominous dream as they approached. Hanuman overwhelms the city and kills their great soldier Makawan. He confronts the demon Kalasoon who summoned up serpents; Hanuman changed into a Krut and destroyed the serpents. Hanuman threw Kalasoon against Mount Djakrawan and killed him. Djakrawat taunted Nila Non, but Nila Non was defiant and told him to surrender. Djakrawat is defiant. Nila Non then set fire to the city and left it in ruins.

118. Suriyapop is defeated. Djakrawat orders his son Suriyapop to lead the army into battle. Suriyapop has powers of illusion, but Pipek sees through them. Satrud is wounded and Pipek advises sandalwood mixed with the manure of Usuparat to cure him. Nila Non got the mortar from Pra Prohm and the pestle from Kala Nak and Pipek saved Satrud. Suriyapop falls in battle, and Djakrawat grieves.

119. Banlaiyadjak is killed. Pipek warns Prot that Banlaiyadjak (Djakrawat's second son) is preparing a magical crocodile arrow. Even though these are all motifs we've seen before (the magical weapon rite, the illusory double, etc.), it's an exciting part to read. Banlaiyadjak is able to command Rahoo to keep Satrud prisoner. Rahoo ends up getting beheaded, so maybe this is a variant story on the power of the head of Rahoo! Djakrawat shouts: "Rahoo, you coward, have you really run away from three forest apes? Don't you value your life? Your cowardice must be punished; you shall be beheaded and your head will be stuck on a pike in front of the city as a warning to other cowards!" When Banlakyadjak falls, all four of Djakrawat's mouths shout out his grief and vows of revenge.

120. Nonyupak wishes to fight. Djakrawat fights and is driven back; he summons his third son, Nonyupak, who has been living ascetic life. Watchaneesoon, his mother, begs him to stay with her but he goes to fight. Nonyupak fights and falls in battle; Djakrawat now calls on his ally Waitan from the Underworld to come help.

121. Waitan of the palm club. Another story of a magical ritual to empower a weapon; Waitan's ritual is disrupted by Nilapat and Asuraphad. They beat Waitan, and then later ambush him, playing a trick that makes him trust them, and so the monkeys beat him to death.

122. Djakrawat plunges into a fight to the death. Pipek tells Prot it is now time for him to face Djakrawat. As he marches out, he despairs and there are terrible omens. He falls to Prot and Satrud in battle and his four mouths speak his defeat.

123. The victors return home. Watchaneesoon and her daughter Ratanamalee come onto the battlefield where Djakrawat has fallen. There is a retelling of the story of Mekhala and Ramasoon, and this time the demon is called Parot. Hanuman will rule Maliwan, and Nilapat (now Apai Patawong) will rule Longka with Asuraphad (now Maranurat). There are various new names for old characters to go with their new titles. Through a misunderstanding, Waiyawik and Matchanu end up fighting the army outside of Ayutaya, but when they see Hanuman, they lay down weapons and all is well. Hanuman presents Matchanu to Rama who cuts off his fish tail. He takes the name Hanurat and marries Ratanamalee and remains in Ayutaya.

(Matchanu tattoo: still with fish tail)

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