Friday, August 9, 2019

Week 2... and Week 0: Famous Last Words to start the semester

So I'm using a little trick here that I highly recommend: starting off the week with extra credit. I've finished all my Week 1 posts (whoo-hoo!), so before moving on to Week 2, I'm going to do a Famous Last Words posts with some thoughts about how this week has gone.

In a word: this week has been EXCELLENT. I ran into literally no problems at all as I was getting the courses up and running. Last semester, I ran into the terrible problems with the missing-late labels in Canvas (now I use James Jones's script to cope with that, although I'm still not happy about it), and a year ago, I was just in a tailspin trying to manage my dad's medical situation (it is still kind of overwhelming, but at least I have figured out what I need to do).

So..... I had fun getting the courses ready to go and, presto, people have shown up already and are blogging. I got to leave comments on some Favorite Places posts already today. That means the semester has officially begun, and I am having a great time already.

Another really fun thing this week was being interviewed for the Human Restoration podcast; I did that yesterday. They are one of my favorite education projects, so I was really happy to get to contribute.

In fact, that reminds me... as soon as I finish this post, I need to go send them a list of links to put in the podcast webpage. I'll update this post when it comes out!

Then I will find a few other tasks to fill up this last hour of my Friday (and of course there is a MOUNTAIN of stuff to do next week) ... but as soon as 5PM arrives here, I am going to indulge myself in reading. I have bookshelves full of African and African American books, all totally tempting. I know that I will not have so much time to read during the school year, but the great thing about these story collections is that even just a little bit of time is worthwhile: the book might be big, but the stories are small. Just yesterday I started reading Robert Nassau's West African book, and it is fantastic... so, as soon as the clock strikes 5, I will be rejoining the world of Leopard and Rat and Tortoise, seeing what tricks they are up to in their folktale world.

Happy Friday, everybody! And a good weekend to all!

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