Saturday, August 10, 2019

Week 2 Tech Tip: OUCreate Domains and Subdomains

I'll be working on the Tech Tips list next week, and I should add a Tech Tip about how, if you get your own domain at OUCreate, you can then create subdomains, which can be really handy if you are using services like Blogger or Flickr where you do not have a lot of control over your own URL.

So, for example, what I did today was to create some subdomains that point to my stuff online: points to my project from last semester; I'll update the redirect when I have a new project this semester points to this blog points to my OU Digital Teaching blog, but I am kind of ambivalent about that blog; I might switch to a different one someday points to the "laurakgibbs" account at Diigo, which is the more public one with all my story bookmarks points to the albums page for my account at Flickr which is definitely the best landing spot

To create a subdomain at OUCreate, there is a subdomain tool in the Control Panel. All you have to do is type in the name of your subdomain (I use the default root directory), and press "create."

Then you can manage the redirection, turning it on or off, and pointing to a website. Just select "manage redirection" to enter the address:

Then, you will see the address listed; you can change to a different address or turn off the redirection later as needed.

It's easy! And you can have an unlimited number of subdomains. But for this to work, you have to choose the "domain" option at OUCreate which costs $12/year. The free option ( is actually a subdomain option itself, which is why you cannot create subdomains there. I would say the $12 is worth it just to be able to create custom subdomains. They are so handy!

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