Saturday, August 31, 2019

Week 5 Extra Reading: Brer Rabbit 2-A

So just like with Brer Rabbit I, I'm working through the stories in Brer Rabbit II, replacing the stories in Harris's eye-dialect with standardized spelling, and I really hope that these versions will make the stories more accessible and fun.

Here are the stories in Part A; they come from Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit by Joel Chandler Harris, along a few stories from Nights with Uncle Remus. In this part of the unit, there are lots of illustrations by Conde too, which are fun to see, kind of like a Brer Rabbit cartoon.

My two favorite stories this time are the animal house story, and also the story about how the lion lost his fur!

The Creeturs Go to the Barbecue
Brer Rabbit's Frolic
Brother Bear's Big House

How Mr. Lion Lost His Wool. There are all kinds of details in this story about slaughtering hogs... but then here comes the Lion, and Brer Rabbit tricks him into taking a bath in that boiling water. Ouch! Here's what the lion looks like when he had long fur all over, pre-bath:

How Brer Rabbit Got a House. I really like the way this shows the quintessential lazy rabbit, pretending to work but not doing any work (looking just like a boss with his paper and pencil)... and he still gets everything in the end; in this case, he gets the whole house for himself. Here are all the animals being driven out of the house with Brer Rabbit shouting at them from upstairs:

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