Saturday, November 2, 2019

Week 12 Tech Tip: Wikimedia Commons

To go along with the Flickr Tech Tip, I wrote a tip about uploading an image to Wikimedia Commons. They have some very friendly materials to alert people as to what you can, and cannot, upload. It's a bit more elaborate than uploading at Flickr because they prompt you for captions, specific information about the image provenance, etc. For this tip, I uploaded one of the J.A. Shepherd illustrations for a Joel Chandler story: Story of the Deluge. When I retire, I can imagine spending hours and hours uploading book illustrations to Wikimedia; that would be a kind of public service that I would enjoy very much.

And I just noticed that this makes 12 new ethical-ed-tech tips that I added for this semester. Whoo-hoo! That is a nice little collection, and all ready to go for next semester. And I'll pick some other theme to pursue for next semester. It really helped having a focus like this so that I ended up with a nice collection of tips by the time I was done. The Duck-Duck-Go one has been the most popular so far, and I am glad that it is useful to people.

Here's what my Wikimedia Commons page looks like, and this was really fun to do. I've edited Wikipedia article, but I've never uploaded a Wikimedia Commons file before. :-)

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