Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Blog clean-up

I just finished removing all the blog labels from last semester in order to clear the way for a new semester of blogging to come. It's kind of tedious to go through and remove the old labels (which is why I always recommend to returning students that they just start a new blog), but at the same time it was fun to look back through last semester and all the fun things I got to do for the class. This semester I am excited again because I am ready to drabble-ize the Indian Epics and other Indian storytelling too. I'm not quite sure how that is going to work... but I'm having so much fun with the whole drabble project so far, and the idea of taking the gigantic epics and thinking about them as microstories sounds both hard and also fun. :-)

I'll get around to real posts for the semester tomorrow and on Friday, so for now, I will just say: HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hello, 2020!

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