Sunday, September 13, 2020

Week 4 Famous Last Words: writing-as-refuge

I've finished up most of the work for Week 4, so I'm going to do that famous last words post for Week 4 today. I got both Storybooks up and running: the Ramayana one for stories beyond Valmiki, and the Anansi project for Myth-Folklore. I'm really happy about both of those and excited to have two projects like this. 

I never tried doing both classes at once before, but I am glad I am doing this. I'm focusing my reading all on the Indian Epics stuff, but it feels so GREAT to be storytelling for both classes. Like I said in the post title, writing really is a refuge for me, and when I finally got to the weekend after a really busy and stressful week last week (my dad's death certificate finally came, so now the paperwork begins in earnest...), it felt so good just to focus on reading and writing stories. Plus laundry, which I honestly find really soothing too. I like doing laundry and feeling like I get a fresh start for the week.

And next weekend will be so cool: Week 4 is when lots of people put up their project sites, so next weekend there will probably be 50 or even more new websites that go up for the class and I will get to make the slideshow with everybody's projects, etc.

I just hope that creative spirit and energy will keep me from sinking into total despair about the COVID (Trump's new advisor, Scott Atlas, terrifies me) and also about the fires out west. Someone put Bladerunner music to these drone shots of San Francisco right now, and it was mesmerizing and horrifying at the same time.

What kind of world are my grandchildren going to inherit? I'm basically a very optimistic person, but I have never felt so fearful about what is coming, and it's all our own fault, the result of selfishness and willful stupidity.

So, I need to write a lot of stories today to improve my mood. It's going to be a long week next week, esp. with going to town for a doctor appointment on Thursday. I'm honestly dreading that; at least staying home I have good distractions: trees, books, music. I'll pick out a good book to read anyway for the waiting room at the doctor. That's the only good thing about doctor's appointments, ha ha: it means I get to do some reading during the week instead of waiting for the weekend. I've been wanting to read Koral Dasgupta's new Ahalya novel... and if I have a long wait, I might be able to get through half of it or more. That will be something good at least, a message of endurance and hope from Ahalya herself!

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