Saturday, October 10, 2020

Week 8 Comments and Feedback

This post is a little harder to write since I don't do the regular comments and feedback like the students do since all that feedback on the projects I do every week is more my teacher role than anything like the student role. And as for comments on the blogs, that all happened back in Weeks 1-4 when I was commenting on all the Introduction posts and all the Favorite Places posts (which went really well this semester! I actually stayed on track and finished that earlier than I did last semester).

So, for this post I thought I would think about this idea of doing a class anthology of microfiction. If that's going to happen, starting to publicize that and get to work starting in Week 9 makes sense, after we're reached the halfway point and are not on the way towards the end of the semester.

Week 9: I should set up a page describing the idea, along with a form for people to submit the microfiction they want to use. The graphics are the most complicated part, so I need to think about that, and also additional information to solicit on the form... I can at least draft that in Week 9 even if I don't release it until Week 12.

Week 10: I will try really hard to promote the microfiction writing option in Week 10, and then revising in Week 12. Keep working on Google Form.

Week 11: Promote the microfiction extra credit. Finalize Google Form.

Week 12: Promote revising for the Story Lab. This would be a good time to actually start soliciting submissions.

Week 13: Hopefully by this time I will have a draft of the book going in the form of a Google document for people to look at and comment on. I could make commenting on the microfictions an option every week for the blog comments too!

Week 14: Promote writing the microfiction for Story Lab, and remind people about upcomign deadline for submissions.

Week 15: Promote revising again; it's not too late to turn in a microfiction for the book; I can make submissions deadline same as end of the semester.

I'm thinking we could do a Fall-themed cover, and then if I do another anthology in Spring, it can be a combo of both classes with a different cover!

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