Saturday, October 10, 2020

Week 8 Progress

Looking back, I am really happy with my decision to do both classes. Previously, I used to do one class, alternating each time. That worked well, but of course I was always getting ideas I wanted to try for the OTHER class. This way, I got to write stories relating to both classes, and I think that engagement helped me do a better job participating in the class as a teacher too, since I've been thinking hard BOTH about Myth-Folklore stuff AND about Indian Epics stuff all semester long.

Looking forward, I've got both Storybook projects half-way done with two story pages at each project, so I just need to focus on bringing them to completion, and writing these posts today helped me plan that out.

I'm also excited about doing the anthology. I don't know how many students will be interested in that, and I'm a little worried about managing the graphics since that is something new for me at Pressbooks, but now I can get started on preparing for that, and hopefully I can do a good job of making that happen. There are some Pressbooks tips here, and I think the take-away is that doing the images for print is way more trouble than it's worth... but it looks like there could be an Appendix of images like the ones that Eden has been doing, with the text-as-graphic. If I do it as an Appendix, that can be a separate "item" in the Pressbook, which would make it easy to leave out of the Print-for-PDF export.

Okay, so now I am feeling confident even about that problem. Confident cat is ready for the second half of the semester to begin!

Confident Cat says:
I can do this.
(made with Cheezburger)

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