Saturday, November 7, 2020

Week 11 Famous Last Words: ELECTION!!!

 So after the super-weird super-stress of the past few weeks, what an incredible relief to FINALLY get the Biden news today. With this lovely video too:

I got fooled into expecting the blue wave, so it was really stressful to go to bed on Tuesday, and then to get up not knowing... and then not knowing... and more not knowing, with Ann Coulter and Proud Boys on campus this week too. That was grim. Very grim.

So, there was no blue wave, but at least Biden has won, which means we have a community college instructor as First Lady (that is maybe the thing I am happiest about), and of course... Kamala Harris. Elizabeth Warren was my candidate, yes, but a future of Jill Biden and Kamala Harris sounds good to me.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all that uncertainty last week, I decided to do something that I felt very certain about: I resigned my job

The past three years have just about done me in: with my dad's illness, and then all the OU administration chaos, and now the pandemic... it's just clear that now is the time. And my boss was so great about all of it, and she even helped to adjust the seat distribution across the three classes in Spring so that it's less lopsided too.

And...... NaNoWriMo started. I should have written about that last weekend, but I just forgot! I'm doing Tiny Tales of the Mahabharata, plus wrapping up the Ramayana stories for that Tiny Tales book also. I've gotten a little off track in the past few days (ugh, too much stress!), but I can get back on track tomorrow, and surely next week is not going to be the rollercoaster of stress like last week. Although it seems like I've been saying that every week for more weeks than I can remember, ha ha.

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