Saturday, September 14, 2019

Comment Wall for Brer Rabbit and the Witch-Rabbit

Thank you in advance for your feedback!


  1. Hi, Laura! I didn’t know you were writing a storybook project as well—that’s super cool of you! I may or may not use your website as a reference for my own project (ha ha). Now I’m eager to read your storybook! However, I’ll just stick with the introduction for now.

    First of all, I had no idea that the Brer Rabbit stories originated from African folk tales. I was fascinated to read the origins of these stories, and I admire the thoughtfulness and research you wrote in your introduction. I’m familiar with the story about Anansi and Brer Turtle, but I’m looking forward to reading your interpretation of the Brer Rabbit story, with the proper credentials. I’m not surprised that Harris collected stories for his own use without crediting the original authors, but upset all the same.

    I hope to learn more about these stories from their original source prior to reading your storybook. Thank you for remaining true to the original storytellers, and I look forward to reading your rendition throughout the semester!

  2. Hi Laura!

    To be honest, I had never heard of Brer Rabbit before this class so your introduction is very helpful. I appreciate all of the links, the history, and the overview you provided. They were very informative and it's obvious you're passionate about the topic!

    I love your writing style! It flows so well and is so fun to follow. I loved this part: "...then zip, skip, and slip some, till finally you can skiddle, skaddle, waddle and wade deep into the swamp...". That's a much more exciting and visually descriptive way to describe Brer Rabbit's trip than just saying he went through a swamp. It helps to move the story along smoothly.

    I also really love the dialect you chose for each character. That might be something you used from the original stories but I can tell each character apart so clearly just from their quotes. It's really impressive!

    I can't wait to read more of your stories, and I'm glad you're writing a storybook with the rest of us!

  3. Hello Laura, I really enjoyed your introduction of this storybook. I think taking us back to the origin of Brer Rabbit was a very good idea. Having that origin helped me better understand this first story. When you spoke about Brer Rabbit and Brer Turtle and how he did not understand how he beat him, I would love to hear more about that particular story. Is it from the classic story tortoise and the hare?

    Also you spoke in the intro about the witch rabbit being a depiction of feminism. How is that? I did approve that she did not make Brer Rabbit any smarter. I feel like he would become dangerous if she had.

    I really enjoy your use of repetition in this story. When he calls out to Mammy Bammy it gives you a sense of Brer Rabbit's personality, which is kind of tiresome and annoying. At least I would be annoyed if I were the witch.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this story and how you recreated it. I cannot wait to read the others!

  4. Howdy,

    I really enjoyed your stories. I knew about the tortoise and the hare, but I never knew that the rabbit was a part of a much larger collection of stories. I loved all of the rhyming, alliteration, and poems that you used throughout the story. It made it really fun and it felt just like a storybook. I like the change you made from a rope to a stick, I think that makes a lot more sense. How is a snake going to stay attached to just a rope and not overpower a small rodent? I loved your use of pictures. It gives the reader a very clear idea of what everything looks like, without having to spend a great amount of time on descriptors, which leaves more room for fun word play. I also noticed how you said that your second story was scary and perfect for Halloween. I thought that was a really nice touch and it got me excited to read it.


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