Saturday, September 14, 2019

Storybook Plan: Brer Rabbit and the With-Rabbit

The main theme I want to work on is "conjuring" in the Brer Rabbit stories, especially as connected with the stories about Mammy-Bammy Big-Money, the Witch-Rabbit.

I'm going to just use third-person style; that's been working well for the first two Brer Rabbit stories that I told here at the blog: Brer Rabbit Finds Brer Wolf Under a Rock and Brer Rabbit and Brer Turtle Run a Race.

I was really happy with how the website turned out; as soon as I found this image of a Georgia swamp, everything fell into place. I decided to set up all five pages now so that I could make sure the side navigation option would work. The one problem I have at Google Sites is that the fonts are so impossibly small, so I decided to use the header style for the text on the pages (except for the image captions). Yes, that's just wrong. But there's no other way I can get a bigger font, and I need a bigger font to be able to do any kind of editing here. (Just last week a survey from Google popped up asking me about Google Sites, and I said we needed more control over fonts and font size!)

Anyway, so far, so good. I arranged the stories so that Taily-Po will be ready in time for Halloween. :-)

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