Saturday, September 12, 2020

Comment Wall: Aesop Survivor and Other Twine Games

Thank you in advance for your feedback!


  1. Hi Laura!
    I love how interactive your stories are! I did the Aesop survivor earlier this semester and found it very engaging and fun. It's a cool way to keep readers engaged and make reading the fables fun. I think I personally love the nursery rhyme maze better. I may be biased though because I was able to get out of the maze on my first try! I'm so proud haha. I think I used a little bit of common sense/educated guesses when choosing which paths to pick. I chose ones that I believed were more likely to appear in another nursery rhyme. This was my thought process when choosing options. I may have just been lucky though. I can't wait to see the Anansi faceoff! I read your Tiny Tales of Anansi book and really liked the stories. I wonder how you'll create a game out of those stories!

  2. Hi Laura,
    I really loved how unique your project was for this semester!
    Your concepts were really fun and the way you decided to do the project played super well into your strengths!
    You can really see your skill in writing microfictions in the project, since each is very concise while still painting a very clear picture of the story in question.
    The fact you chose to do them as twine games really made your project stand out due to the high level of interactivity in it!
    I love that you included an image showcasing all of the paths for each story so that people could follow all the different routes if they wanted to.
    My primary bit of feedback though is that I think it might be good to put some form of sizable buffer image between the game and the map of all the routes that says either on it or above it that scrolling past it will spoil the game by showing a map of all the routes. That way people don't accidentally scroll and spoil themselves. (I almost did that myself, honestly.)

  3. Hello, I really liked the idea and creativity of the theme for your storybook. I though it was really cool to make it a game between different characters from different myth/folktales. One thing I would have liked to see was maybe some more background information or more details about the games they were playing. Were the characters from the different stories competing against each other? One suggestion I would make is maybe adding another one or two 100-word stories to each of your original stories just to add more info and details. Overall, I was really pleased with your storybook and creativity. I also look forward to reading more of your stuff in the future.

    1. Hi Kev! The characters are not playing the games; it's a game for the reader to play. It sounds like maybe the games did not show up for you; I'll send a screenshot and you can let me know. I know they show up in Chrome/Firefox and on my Android phone. Anyway, I'll send you and email and you can let me know! :-)

  4. Hi Laura! I love that your project is based on using twine to tell your stories! They are so fun and interactive! Being able to be a part of the story and make decisions about how it will continue makes it so easy to read the stories! I also love that you used Aesop's Fables as a play on survivor! I think Aesop's Fables are such great lessons! I was in a play based on Aesop's Fables in elementary school and there are a lot of morals I have never forgotten because of it! I beat the Aesop survivor game on the first try, but had some trouble with the Anansi survivor game, but won the nursery rhyme maze in two turns! I loved these stories and might just have to come back and play them again! Great job!


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